Educational solutions that support every career stage for professionals in our markets–from preparing for licensure, to continuing education for all levels of experience.


Exam Preparation

KnowFully Learning Group® is proud to deliver exam preparation solutions that dramatically improve pass rates compared to national averages, while saving exam takers as much as 50%–or more–when it comes to their total study hours. We can do this thanks to our revolutionary A.S.A.P.® Technology and our unique approach to course content. 

The KnowFully® teams pioneered adaptive learning technology in each of the industries we serve–and continue to far outpace all competition in this area. We’ve done this by throwing the “linear” learning models traditionally used by other review courses out the window and building a new, technology-driven approach from scratch. Rather than leading students through every chapter and question sequentially, we use sophisticated assessments and AI-enabled algorithms to determine each individual’s baseline knowledge and to map (and continually optimize) the most efficient path to exam readiness. The numerous awards we’ve won for our A.S.A.P.® Technology confirm our leadership in innovation.

Our differentiation doesn’t stop with our technology, though. We also take a unique approach to the content that lives within our technology. The fact is that today’s learners don’t want to watch multi-hour lectures and, when forced to do so, their retention suffers. That’s why our exam review courses feature hyper-focused teaching sessions with short, topic-specific, digestible segments. This approach works perfectly with our adaptive technology. As a specific topic is identified as a weakness for a student, the course suggests just the right nano-sized, on-demand video lecture, taught by one of our content experts.

Continuing Education

At the heart of all of our Continuing Education (CE) brands is, not surprisingly, great content. We strive to provide the most applicable, practical, timely, and easily accessible content for every profession that we serve. Unlike many other CE providers, who focus on delivering the bare minimum necessary for compliance, we aim to deliver the kind of value that is not only well worth the valuable time of the professionals we serve, but content that will help them further their career, deliver better services to their clients and patients, and ultimately help them reach or maintain the pinnacle of their professional knowledge.

On top of that core quality content foundation, we focus on delivering the most engaging, dynamic customer experience available for CE, as well as the most convenient way to manage all of the necessary administration of courses, credits, certificates, and more — for individual professionals and clinicians, teams, accounting firms, hospitals and hospitals systems, community and retail pharmacies, large organizations, and more.   


“Unique twist for delivering timely and relevant content. Keep it up!”

–Bob M., Surgent CPE FutureCast attendee