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“We help accounting and financial professionals stay ahead of the curve throughout their careers with everything from certification exam preparation and continuing education courses to technical and professional skills training.”

Elizabeth Kolar, Executive VP of Surgent, KnowFully Learning Group

A Career-long Approach to Education

Our innovative content engine, paired with our proprietary learning technology, KnowFully ONE, provides professionals with a continuum of learning, credentialing and professional development that enables them to excel throughout their entire careers and better serve their clients.

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Surgent helps prospective finance and accounting professionals succeed with exam preparation solutions that allow students to pass on their first attempt while cutting study hours by 50% or more.
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Career growth, credentials & specialization

Surgent’s skills-based educational courses and on-demand certificate courses help professionals advance in their careers and stay ahead of the latest trends.
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Ongoing compliance

In an ever-changing world, it’s important to stay on top of required certifications and regulations. Surgent’s courses are up-to-date and designed for worry-free compliance.
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Executive-level best practices

Career professionals can rise above the rest with Surgent’s continuing education courses, which can help them gain expertise in industry-leading best practices.

Career Readiness at Every Stage

Surgent provides the high-impact education experiences that accounting, tax and financial professionals need throughout their careers, with certification exam review, continuing education and all the technical and professional skills required in between.

Stage 1 — Launch

Early focus is on certification, turning educational experience into credentials that springboard careers. Surgent’s Exam Review courses will help people pass faster – and the first time.

Stage 2 — Build

Continuing education helps the seasoned professional keep up with industry changes and stay ahead of the game. The more they know, the more value they bring to their company and their clients.

Stage 3 — Accelerate

As professionals progress, they need to refine their skills or reskill. Surgent offers continuing education that satisfies industry requirements as well as courses for additional certification exams.

Our Portfolio of Accounting & Finance Education Products

The unique and engaging learning solutions in our portfolio deliver what students and professionals need throughout their careers to stay up to date, add specialty skills and microcredentials and serve their clients with excellence.

Launching Careers

Surgent Exam Review

Surgent helps prospective accounting and finance professionals pass their exams faster and with less studying than other providers. Our A.S.A.P. Technology™ has helped thousands of candidates pass their professional exams faster by optimizing a unique, AI-enabled path for every one of them.


Densmore’s classroom and online education courses equip candidates with the tools and knowledge they need to prepare for the Canadian Common Final Examination or to master their case writing skills for the CPA Professional Education program. Our education resources can also help universities maximize student success.

Building Careers

Surgent Continuing Education

No matter the format, Surgent Continuing Education courses cover the very latest information, regulatory changes and practical issues related to accounting and finance. Our courses keep professionals compliant, knowledgeable – and valuable to their companies and clients throughout their careers.


Accounting and finance professionals seeking continuing education they can complete on their own time will find a perfect fit with MasterCPE. Our subscription model offers convenient, unlimited access to hundreds of on-demand courses approved for CPE credits, ranging from auditing and taxation to ethics and technology.

Accelerating Careers

Surgent IQ

There’s more to accounting and finance than compliance. We created Surgent IQ as a way for professionals to engage with cutting-edge and exciting content designed to enrich their skills and make them more polished practitioners.

Our Accounting & Finance Industry Partners

The KnowFully Learning Group brands work closely with top membership organizations, academic institutions and industry partners. We value our accounting industry relationships, including the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), National Association for Enrolled Agents (NAEA), nearly every state society of CPAs, top accounting firms and accounting universities, the Beta Alpha Psi honor society for accounting students, Edward Jones (with whom we partner for our All-Star Tax brand) and many others.

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